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Golden Globe Preview provides you with a globe icon that looks like a golden sun. It holds the dimension of 512px, comes in PNG format and supports transparency.Anti Theft Alert offers you with an Anti Theft icon of 512px in dimension. This comes in PNG format and supports transparent properties.Golden Globe provides you with a globe icon that is in the PNG format with a size of 512px and supports transparency.To sum things up, Golden Browser is a complete package of three fascinating icons which are expected to spice up your desktop and provide you with regular visual stimulation.Wine or IE, which you prefer?When you first open Adobe Reader, you are welcomed by a simple, yet extremely convenient interface. It looks like a minimalist, square frame that houses the active document, with controls on the top and information about the document displayed to the side.When you navigate through the interface, you can use the tab key to switch between the work area, tabs, library and other utilities. The active document is displayed in a preview window that you can zoom in and out using the scroll buttons.Evaluation and conclusionAdobe Reader XI is a solid, yet simple document viewer. Its main purpose is to view PDF documents and the interface is intuitive and even-handed. With its help, you can add tables, labels and check boxes to PDF documents; you can also annotate them and change their appearance.Also, by using Adobe Reader XI you can perform basic image editing, adjust the size and rotate images, as well as edit images, including: resize, rotate, flip and crop them. You can apply simple filtration to photos too, select the brightness and contrast.The program comes in handy when working with lots of documents, and you can quickly open, view, print and create annotations, by adding text, changing font and text color, and even highlighting pages.A universal document viewerThe creation of PDF documents is quite popular, and some companies, among them Microsoft, have made their own versions of Reader. That said, Adobe has decided to go a different path and have invested more time and effort in developing Reader XI.Since the program is much more capable, it is a good idea to select one of the two programs, depending on the type of documents you need to work with.Summing up, Adobe Reader XI is one of the best document viewers, which can handle more advanced tasks than its less sophisticated counterpart.Tray Notifications is an easy 08929e5ed8


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