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  • 法定審計

  • 內部審計

  • 併購審計

  • 非營利團體審計

  • 大廈立案法團審計




According to the provisions of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong needs to conduct a statutory audit (Audit) once a year and submit the audited financial statements at the annual meeting to shareholders for perusal. The Inland Revenue Department also requires limited companies to provide profits tax returns and audited financial statements for tax assessment purposes.


We adopt the accounting and auditing standards approved by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, carefully understand the business and operating environment of our clients, plan the most appropriate audit form for our clients, and ensure that we provide the most efficient services.


Audit services include:

  • Statutory audit

  • Internal Audit

  • M&A audit

  • Non-profit organization audit

  • Building Corporation Audit

Annual audits and special audits are charged according to the nature and volume of the business. Please inquire for details.

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