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Professional Services

Mega Solutions' professional accountant team's services include: company establishment (including limited companies, unlimited companies, offshore companies, Shenzhen or Qianhai companies, etc.), accounting and tax filing, company secretarial, auditing, business consulting and other professional services.

We will provide a series of business support services according to your needs, so that you can focus on your own business development. Outsourcing management of processes that require professional knowledge, such as salary expenditure, MPF contributions, accounting, tax filing, and company secretarial, can effectively reduce the overall operating cost of the company.

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Company Formation

Professional company service, the establishment of different forms of companies including private limited companies, offshore companies, Shenzhen or Qianhai companies, etc.



We will carefully analyze the customer's business and operating environment to plan the most appropriate form of audit for them and ensure that we provide customers with the most efficient service.


Field audit and Investigation

The Field Audit and Investigation Division of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department is responsible for field audits and investigations, and is committed to combating tax evasion and tax avoidance.


Virtual office

Opening a company in Hong Kong requires a Hong Kong address, but does not necessarily require renting a physical office. Rents in Hong Kong are expensive, and Mega Solutions provides company registration address services for virtual offices, providing business addresses and business registration certificates for companies.


Company Secretary 

Whether it is the company's annual report; annual general meeting; change of equity, company secretarial services can help you plan strategizing, and are also an indispensable assistant.


Due diligence

Due diligence is an important data collection link that allows investors to evaluate the target trading company and its assets before conducting a transaction. 


Business consultant

By improving business processes, operating efficiency and improving corporate governance, we help you avoid risks and enable you to achieve your goals.


Cancellation of the company

An application for deregistration must be lodged with the Companies Registry in Form NDR1 within 3 months from the date of the Notice of No Objection. The form must be delivered together with the required fee and a notice of no objection.



We can arrange comprehensive financial and accounting services for you, so that the company maintains a clear and orderly system, and prevents the company's assets from being misappropriated.


Tax consulting and tax filing

It helps reduce tax risks and comply with legal obligations by strengthening tax efficiency, improving business efficiency, and effectively using tax allowances and deductions.


Trademark registration

Once your trademark is registered, you have the exclusive right to use the trademark, thereby protecting your intellectual property rights.

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