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Trademark registration

A trademark is a sign used to identify the goods and services of different merchants. Trademarks can be composed of words (including personal names), signs, design patterns, letters, typefaces, numbers, graphic elements, colors, sounds, smells, the shape of goods or their packaging, and any combination of the above signs. Marks that can be expressed in writing or drawing can be registered as trademarks.

Once your trademark is registered, you can have the exclusive right to use the trademark for the goods and services. If other merchants use the trademark for the same or similar goods or services in Hong Kong without your consent, it is an infringement, and you can take legal action in this regard. If the trademark is not registered, it will be more difficult to prove that you are the owner of the trademark, and your protection is very limited.


Hong Kong trademark priority

If an applicant has filed an application for the registration of the trademark in a Paris Convention country or a WTO member state for the same goods or services within six months before submitting the Hong Kong trademark application, it can enjoy the priority of trademark registration in Hong Kong.


Items to be evaluated before submission of registration information

  • Is the trademark sufficient to identify

  • Goods or services of trademark owners and other merchants

  • Can the trademark show its goods and services?

  • Whether the trademark is the common language/terms of the industry

  • Whether the trademark is the same or similar to other trademarks


Information required for registration

  • Legal person application: company registration certificate

  • Personal application: proof of identity and address

  • application

  • Trademark image


Registration time

4-8 months


Valid period

10 years



You can apply for renewal 6 months before the expiration date, and the renewal is valid for 10 years.

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