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Tax consulting and tax filing

Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals, reduce tax risks and allow you to comply with legal obligations. By strengthening tax efficiency, improving business efficiency, effective use of tax allowances and deductions, and effective management of tax expenditures.

As a tax representative, Mega Solutions provides the following services:

  • Profits tax calculation

  • Fill out the profits tax return

  • Fill out a personal tax return

  • Fill out the property tax return

  • Assist employers in filling out employees’ salary and pension tax returns

  • Apply for an extension of filing tax returns

  • Objection to evaluation

  • Application for deferment of prepayment of tax

  • Quickly answer letters and inquiries from the Inland Revenue Department

  • Tax planning and consulting, advise individuals and companies on how to legally minimize taxation arrangements

  • Field audit and investigation by the Inland Revenue Department

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