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Company formation service

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Create your own company

You can choose to establish different forms of companies according to your needs, including:

Private limited company

Sole proprietorship

Partnership business


Features of a private limited company

A limited company is a separate legal entity from its members. Shareholders have limited company debts and obligations.

Ready-made company -with some documents such as company certificate and seal, customers only need to select a suitable name from the list and register as a director and shareholder of the company.

Tailor-made company -The customer provides the company's Chinese and English name, and after the search confirms that the name can be used, the relevant procedures can be handled.


Establishment requirements

A local private company must have at least:

One director (at least one director is a natural person)

One shareholder

A secretary (must be a Hong Kong resident or limited company)

People of any nationality can also serve as shareholders and directors of the company, and all positions are accepted by individuals or limited companies. (At least one director is a natural person)

One person can serve as a shareholder and a director at the same time, but not concurrently as a secretary.

The detailed information of directors, shareholders and secretaries must be recorded in the company registry for public inspection.

Company Name

Both English and Chinese company names can be used.

Registered address

The registration office must be located in Hong Kong, not just a post office box.


Must have at least one founding member.


Annual requirements

Submit annual return

Convene annual shareholders and board meetings

Pay the business registration certificate

Submit audited financial statements



Hong Kong's tax infrastructure is built on the "concept of geographical origin". If profits are not sourced from Hong Kong, no tax is required.

Every year, all limited companies registered in Hong Kong must submit the company's financial statements and tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department for tax assessment purposes.


Mega Solutions can start a company quickly, or set up a company within a specified time, including limited companies, offshore companies, and ready-made companies. The fees are reasonable and the procedures are simple.


Mega Solutions company formation service starts at HK$5,000. The attached services include preparation of bank account opening documents, stamps, circle stamps, signature stamps, share capital books, etc.

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