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Field audit and investigation by the Inland Revenue Department

The Field Audit and Investigation Division of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department is responsible for field audits and investigations, and is committed to combating tax evasion and tax avoidance. If an under-reporting of profits/income is found after review or investigation, the tax bureau will levy back taxes and fines from the taxpayer. The investigation time limit given by the Inland Revenue Department is very short. The longer the time, the higher the fine will be. If you receive a notification from the Inland Revenue Department tax investigation, please contact us as soon as possible.


The scope of services includes:

  • Introduce clients to the procedures of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department's field audit and investigation and its scope of influence

  • Before the first meeting with the Inland Revenue Department, we will conduct a pre-audit to assess the severity of the problem and grasp the accounts that may need to be adjusted and their number

  • Based on the results of the pre-audit, plan and formulate a plan for handling field audits/special tax investigations, and evaluate the number of adjustments that customers may need to make and related penalties.

  • In each case, a dedicated team will accompany the client to all meetings of the Inland Revenue Department. The dedicated team will follow up the case closely and consult with officials of the Inland Revenue Department until the end of the case.

  • Propose and submit reasonable solutions on behalf of customers

  • Seek a favorable ruling from the tax bureau for tax penalties

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